This is a one to one hypnotherapy weight consultancy service aimed at helping you to achieve your ideal weight, with  emphasis on a healthy lifestyle.  This may involve hypnotherapy, colonic massage, counselling/lifestyle management, individualised diet plans and exercise plans.  Unlike slimming clubs my aim is to help you as an individual, finding out what works best for you and your lifestyle. My  programmes are  tailored to your individual needs.

During the course of the programme I will help you with motivation, give advice and practical plans to lose weight.  We will discuss goals and keep a track of how you  are doing changing and adapting the programme where necessary as we go along.

You are an individual, so health improvements and weight reduction must be specifically designed for you.  The ideal process is based upon your specific goals, health issues and body type, plus your personal lifestyle, attitude, genetics and desires.

Having a strong will power is important when it comes to losing weight.  With this course you will be given hypnotherapy to help improve your willpower.  Your mind will be retrained to give more confidence and will power.  Counselling and  hypnosis will help with your motivational needs and change any unhelpful thinking patterns where needed.

We will adapt different strategies to help with your individual needs.  If needed a massage can be added to help with skin firmness and drainage as weight is lost, also abdominal massage can be used to help with digestion and as a natural colonic cleanser.


A Hypnotherapy course will improve your willpower, your mind will be retrained to give you more confidence and to resist all those temptations.  To set goals and achieve them consistently, you need to work with your conscious and unconscious mind. 

Think of one as the goal setter and the other as the goal getter.  When the two are aligned, you will achieve your goal.

If you’d like to know more about the different packages and how they could be of help to you on your weight loss journey, or you’d just like to chat about the options available please feel free to get in touch.

Before & After

These pictures show a client who had weight loss with me and lost 12 stone.

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