Hypnotherapy has always intrigued me and although I specialise in Weight loss and Anxiety, I am skilled in all other areas of Hypnotherapy. Over the past years, I have presented many demonstrations, presentations and talks to other Healthcare Professionals at Hospitals, women’s groups, self helps groups, schools etc all around the region. I also did some experimental work and studies for the Bi-Polar Manic Depressive Fellowship showing how different complementary therapies can help improve and reduce symptoms.

As a Complementary Therapist I have also been working with Eating Disorders funded by the NHS for over a decade and have acquired great insight and understanding about the various difficulties, health issues and symptoms involved.

Being extremely passionate and enthusiastic about what I do, I will try everything possible to help you achieve your optimum goal. Customising and adapting many different approaches using skills from the extensive array of disciplines and knowledge that I have acquired over the years.

I have also been writing health columns with questions and answers for Eastside Magazine for a few years now. Each month is different explaining about the different therapies and what they can help with. If you would like to take a look at my news page some of the articles are listed there for you to browse through.

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